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Date: February 18th, 2004
News: Uru
Uru Expansion Pack: "To D'ni"

Today, Ubisoft made an announcement:

February 17, 2004 - General News Release Date of "To D'ni" Expansion Pack Announced The first Uru: Ages Beyond Myst expansion pack is now slated to be released the first week in March. The expansion pack will be free, and available at Gigex as a download (you must have first installed Uru: Ages Beyond Myst). Watch here for information about the final list of areas that will be included.


Official Uru site

Date: February 4th, 2004
News: Uru
Letter from Cyan

Earlier today, Cyan put this letter on their website:

Uru Live fans and friends,

Thank you so much for your continued support of the worlds that are Myst and Uru. It has truly been wonderful immersing ourselves along with you in the ongoing adventure, following your comments - good and bad - as you explored Uru Live.

I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news...

Uru Live is being put to bed.

Even with all of the time, money, resources, code, people, sweat, and heart that were poured into Uru Live, we needed a certain number of subscribers to pay the bills. We didn't get there. Uru Live is innovative and unique; its online universe is one of the most beautiful and complex ever built, anywhere. The idea of ongoing content was dramatic and forward-looking, but it required a substantial continuing effort to sustain. We were just not able to sign up the number of subscribers (even for free) necessary to pay for that effort.

Now for the good news...

The soul of Uru Live will live larger.

The soul of Uru Live came in two parts: the community and the content. Both will live on. Nothing can kill the community - it has a life of its own. The Call and the Gathering of the community will continue. And the content - what can I say? We have it, large amounts of it, ready to expand the world of Uru. In the past weeks we've been hard at work packaging that content in a different, more inclusive form - expansion packs - the first of which will be available in a month or two. Even better, the first expansion pack, To D'ni, is free. And there's more good news on inclusivity. I'm pleased to officially announce that the Mac version of Uru is finally under way.

It would be easy to focus on the negative aspects of this announcement. But we've grieved our loss, and with clearer minds we see things in a different light. The fact is that the continuing Uru adventure is amazing. The story and places it reaches are spectacular. And in the long run, we want as many people as possible to experience and explore these new worlds. The closing of Uru Live actually gives us the opportunity to open these expanding worlds to a larger audience, including those people without broadband. Only a small portion of the people who played Uru ever made it to D'ni in Uru Live. Now everyone can get to D'ni - and beyond.

Again, perhaps the ending has not yet been written.


Rand and the Cyan Worlds Team


Sad day for Myst fans....


Date: January 4th, 2004
News: DRC
The Great Zero

The DRC has posted a picture of the Great Zero

Date: January 1st, 2004
News: Uru
Votes Needed

JustAdventure.com has released a poll asking you to vote for your favorite Adventure game of 2003.


The poll is on the main page on the left hand side of the site. This is your chance to help Uru get more recognition.

Date: December 21nd, 2003
News: Uru
Rave Reviews for Uru

Uru has been released for little over a month now and Urulive.com has posted some comments from the articles raving about Uru. You can read some of them below:

PC Gamer -Editors' Choice (91%)

"Uru really is ages beyond Myst, both technically and philosophically."

TIME Magazine's Top 10 for 2003

"Like its predecessors, Uru is a gentlypaced puzzle-solving game set in a beautiful ethereal fantasy world."

IGN.com - Editors' Choice (9 out of 10)

"Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is probably the best adventure game I've played this year."


Date: December 2nd, 2003
News: Uru
Uru TV Spot

UruObsession has posted the new TV spot for Uru, that came out in November, featuring the Peter Gabriel song, "Burn you up, Burn you down." You can view it at UO site here

Date: November 12th, 2003
News: Uru
Uru Demo
Gigex, along with a few other sites, has released a playable demo that you can download now. You can find it here


Date: November 10th, 2003
News: Uru
New Uru Live Trailer
IFLIM's has released a new Uru trailer. You can view the trailer here


Date: November 10th, 2003
News: Uru
Second Mosaic Revealed
UruLive.com has revealed all the pieces to the second mosaic shot here


Date: November 3rd, 2003
News: Uru
"The Story" from the upcoming trailer, "The Making of Uru"
You can view, "The Story," an interview with Rand Miller, about the making of Uru here on the urunivers.com site


Date: October 24th, 2003
News: Uru
New Mosaic screenshot at Uru site...
The Uru site has started releasing images fragments at a time like Cyanworlds did months ago. You can view the newest image here