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Myst 5

Myst 4








The first and main age of Uru. Home of the D'ni people hidden miles under the surface of the earth

Art Gallery in Ae'gura

Avatar looking at Kerath's Arch

Door somewhere in D'ni

Another look at the Library


New shot from Uru

DRC shot of beta explores gathered in D'ni

DRC shot with Kodama and Laxman

Exclusive image from Uruobsession

First shot of Ae'guru from DRC

Another screen shot released from DRC

A DRC shot with RAWA and what appears to be Rand Miller

The great city of D'ni! In the distance is Kerath's Arch

The Neighborhood, "Bevin"

Assumed to be D'ni

A tunnel

A screen shot of the, "Court Yard." An easter egg in the Mac version of Myst Masterpiece.

An area of D'ni under construction. the tunnels are believed to lead to the city

This is the first image ever released of Uru

This is the second image ever released of Uru



Teledahn or the, "Mushroom Age" was the first age from Uru besides D'ni that had any screen shots released

Teledahn from Uru

Avatar in Teledahn

Newest released image from Teledahn

Teledahn Telescope, very Myst-like with some kind of rail-way in the background

One of two images that are slightly different. The other shows some sort of strange bird-like creature.


Released by the Computer Gaming World Magazine along with the first Beach image.


First seen in a book, it also shows a much clearer picture of a video clip from Uru

First ever released image of Teledahn


Eder Kemo/Gira

Also known as the Garden Age (Eder Kemo), fans at mysterium 2002 got to see it in-game

Eder Kemo from Uru

Another DRC image, it's the first image up close to an avatar. The images was titled, "Rico in the Garden"

The first shot to show a waterfall, it also shows a lot of interesting things in the distance

Another Eder Kemo shot released by Cyanworlds

This image shows the same area seen in the background of one of the DRC images above

The Newest image released of Eder Kemo


Three images of the same place have been released from what has been called the, "Beach Age"

Image released at DRC shows an avatar sitting by a lagoon in Eder Gira.

Last Image released of this age shows the same place as the other

First image released of the Beach Age


Avatar in Gahreesen Age

Released at Uru it is unknown which age this shot was taken from



The May 2003 descrambled image from Cyanworlds

Zandi on the surface



An upclose look at an avatar and cabin






Other Screen shots

Believed by some to be Eder Kemo this would be the first image released of this age.

Uru: Path of the Shell, Ahnonay age

Uru: Path of the Shell, Ahnonay age