To tell the history of the Díni, it is necessary to begin by going back in time some 10,000 years in another world. In that time and place, there was a race called the Ronay (People of the Root) who lived on a world they called Garternay (Root of the Great Tree). Due to a number of factors, including the destruction of both Garternay and most of its records from that early time, our knowledge of this period of Díni history is sketchy at best.

What is clearly known is that the people of Garternay knew that their homeworld was headed for destruction, and they were fortunate enough to have a means of escape... something they called íThe Art.í Details of how they came to possess their knowledge of The Art were unfortunately lost amid the destruction of their homeworld, though there are several theories, which are out of the scope of this document.

The important thing to know about The Art is that it allowed them to create bridges or links to other Ages simply by writing a complex description of the Age to which they wished to link. This gave them access to a nearly infinite number of worlds with nearly an infinite amount of diversity. Within limits, an Age of almost any description that could be written already existed somewhere, just waiting to be linked to. It is what the Ronay called the íGreat Tree of Possibilities.í

So if your home planet is dying, but you have access to just about any world you want, itís pretty easy to come to the conclusion that itís time to rent some moving vans and change neighborhoods. So the people of Garternay (over a long period) dispersed to a number of different Ages. The vast majority of the people went to a luxurious planet (who wouldnít?) that they named Terahnee (the New Tree), but many smaller groups went off to Ages of their own for a variety of reasons.

A great Writer named Riīneref led one of those smaller groups. Riīneref was discouraged by the abuse, as he saw it, of The Art on Garternay, so this was his chance to start a civilization of people who felt as he did. He didnít write a link to a luxurious planet. He wrote a link to a large cavern deep underground. He called his Age Díni (New Start).

We call it Earth.