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August 20th, 2005


Release date: September 15th, 2005.

About Myst 5: End of Ages:

Those who played Uru will remember Yeesha, the daughter of Atrus. She taught us about the Bahro, the servants who were not quite human, but who served the D'ni silently from the shadows. They were hidden then, but we see them now. They are like giant spider monkeys the size of humans. And they still serve and keep the Ages running even though the D'ni have long since left. Will they ever be freed to pursue their own destiny?

There is a Tablet of great power. It will take craft and cunning to release it, but once released it will have the power to free peoples and change destinies. If only you use it wisely.

Yeesha calls you. She had the tablet once, but made the wrong choice. Now the tablet refuses to be touched by her, passing through her hands as if a ghost. She is bitter about her failure, but desperate for someone to succeed. She seems to almost worship the Bahro. Is she a visionary who can free a people? Or just a tree hugging wacko who values animals more than people? Will she show you the truth? Or use you to recapture the power of the Tablet? Either way, she sends you on the quest.

Then you meet Esher, a true D'ni. Yeesha sent him on the quest, but he also failed. He is also disappointed and a bit cynical. But he despises the Bahro. He warns us that “they are not as we are. Remember that.” Does he see a true threat from the Bahro? Or is he a bigoted racist? He claims to want to help us. But why?

And then there are the Bahro themselves. Are they truly sentient? Or are they just trained monkeys? And what would they do if they were released from their duties? Would they be grateful? Or would they turn on their former masters?

The game itself is a new twist. There are still a few turn-the-machine-on type of puzzles, but most of the play is centered around the tablets.

You see, to free The Tablet, you must collect four minor tablets. Minor, that is, in power only. For they are quite heavy and you can't carry them just anywhere. A ladder, for example, would collapse under your combined weight.

But they are also useful. The Bahro do understand a language of symbols and if you can find the symbols, then you can draw them on the tablets and leave them for the Bahro. If the Bahro can understand what you drew, then they will attempt to follow your instructions.

That pretty much defines this game: everything which can help you can also hinder you. And vice versa.

Yeesha, Esher, the Bahro. You will need the help of all three to win the game. Yet all three will hinder you as well. In the end, you will have to make a decision.

Who do you believe?

Who do you trust?

- Just Adventure, Saturday, August 20, 2005.

From the Mystworlds website: January 11th, 2005.

Cyan Worlds and Ubisoft are proud to announce the next chapter of the Myst saga: Myst V: End of Ages, which will be the culmination of all of the previous storylines. Due to the tremendous loyalty and spirit of the Myst community, and our appreciation for your involvement through the years of development of the Myst series, we are making this announcement to you first, before the official Press Release. Myst V: End of Ages will be a new pinnacle, continuing the beauty, drama, creativity and challenge which have been the hallmarks of all Myst titles. We look forward to sharing this new journey with you in Fall of 2005. And be sure to check back here for upcoming announcements and information about Myst V: End of Ages.

"Myst is more than a game, it's an experience, and in many cases, a lifestyle," said Laurent Detoc, president of Ubisoft's North American division. "Cyan Worlds will deliver the final chapter in what has been a phenomenal run of success, both critically and commercially. We know that Myst V: End of Ages is something people will want to be a part of, something memorable that will resound with players for a lifetime."

Picking up immediately where the original Myst ended, players are presented the privilege, challenge and responsibility of restoring the lost empire of the D'ni™ -- an ancient civilization of people who thrived for thousands of years but later met with a great catastrophe. Like each previous Myst title, Myst V: End of Ages advances the graphical beauty and detail of its worlds with a fully immersive 3D environment. Cyan carefully crafted and combined elements of adventure, puzzles, storyline and gameplay innovation creating a worthy ending to the one game to which millions will forever compare any adventure title -- Myst.

"Myst V: End of Ages follows the Myst storyline to its conclusion -- closing the book on the Ages of Myst," said Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds. "To complete this circle of Myst we've embraced the idea of something old and something new. New in regard to pushing forward in areas of interface and technology. And old -- getting back to the simple exploration that made Myst so magical."

Additional launch details and information will be announced at a later date, and in the meantime one can visit

System Requirements:

- Supported OS: Windows® 2000/XP (only)
- Processor: 800 MHz Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ or better (Pentium IV recommended)
- RAM: 256 MB RAM (512 recommened)
- Video Card: 32 MB DirectX® 9.0c-compliant video card (see supported list*)
- Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compliant * DirectX: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)
- DVD: 4x or faster CD/DVD-ROM drive
- Hard Drive Space: 4.5 GB free
- Peripherals: Mouse, keyboard
- Supported OS: OS X® 10.2.8 or higher, 10.3.9 recommended
- Processor: 1 GHz G4 (1.6 GHz G4 or higher recommended)
- RAM: 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
- Video Card: 32 MB video card supporting 32-bit color (see supported list*)
- Sound Card: Standard
- QuickTime: Required for bonus content
- DVD: 4x DVD or faster
- Hard Drive Space: 4.1 GB free
- Peripherals: Mac-compatible mouse and keyboard

*Supported Video Cards at Time of Release

- ATI® Radeon™ 7000/8000/9000/X families
- NVIDIA® GeForce™ 256/2/3/4/FX/6000 families

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