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Myst III: Exile 2001 Presto Studios and UbiSoft Entertainment. Myst III: Exile is a Registered Trademark of Presto Studios and UbiSoft Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Uru 2003 Cyan Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved.

All images in Atrus's Journal, Riven Journal and Uru Journal are edited images by Kodiak and Emmex from those game images and are © Cyan Worlds Inc. and © Presto Studios. and all its contents not mentioned above are © Cory Fischer 2003

Thanks to

Cyan for creating MYST, RIVEN, Myst the Book of Atrus, Myst the Book of Ti'ana, Myst the Book of D'ni, Uru, and the D'ni,

Game Studios, and Presto Studios for making the game EXILE.

Adam for showing me how to make a website.

Alahmnat for helping me out with my time line

Emmex for creating the pictures in Atrus' Journal and some in the Uru Journal.

Jehon for his D'ni time line.

Fallstar for the pictures in, "The Path of the Shell" and the, "To D'ni" Galleries